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Teachers TV: Mathematics

In this Teachers TV video, mathematics teacher Daniel Gadd links ideas studied in his lessons to the use of mathematics in the world of work, helping students to understand how their learning relates to the real world. The class at the Graham School, Scarborough, focuses on how logistic managers use network...

Graham Gannon: Entrepreneur

Graham Gannon is a snowboarder, outdoor adventurer and entrepreneur. Jobs that he has been involved in include radio, television, designing websites and advising on marketing strategy. In this video, Graham describes how his very varied working life evolved and the benefits and drawbacks of freelance work. As a...

Where STEM Can Take You

Produced by Rolls-Royce, this entertaining video clip takes the form of an animated rap which describes a range of career opportunities open to students with skills in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM). It makes a good introduction to a session offering careers advice and guidance by...

Careers in Operational Research (O.R.)

These videos, produced by the O.R Society, aim to explain what Operational Research (O.R.) is through a wide range of case studies and can be used to highlight ‘real-life’ applications of mathematics. The videos can also be used to help make career choices as they demonstrate the variety and type of work that...

The Complete Illusioneering Magic Book

This book provides a range of easy-to-do magic tricks based on Chemistry, Physics, Engineering and Mathematics.

The video features Richard Garriott on Science and Magic and shows how the properties of ferofluid can exploited to create a magic trick.


This will revolutionize education

This video explores how technology has always been expected to replace teachers.  It concludes that a teacher’s purpose is not to transmit information, but to guide the social process of learning. To challenge, inspire and excite their students to want to learn.

Obscure geometry

A video is shown of a square with its diagonals marked. The resulting regions are, of course, 25% of the whole square. A motion graphic shows one of the diagonals sliding down a side to rest at the mid-point. What percentage of the whole is each region?

This is an adaptation of a print-based task designed by...

Weight of stack 2

A stack of cups is shown. Cups are added to the stack. There is a variation in the rate at which cups are added. The challenge is to graph the weight of the stack of cups against time.

Weight of stack 2 video


Weight of stack 1

A stack of cups is shown. Cups are added to the stack. Part way through a different style of cups is added, before the cups revert to the original style. The challenge is to graph the weight of the stack of cups against time.

Weight of stack 1 video

Size of hand

The video shows a deck of cards being dealt between four people. The cards are handed out at a constant rate. The challenge is to graph the number of cards per person (‘size of hand’) against time.

Size of hand video



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