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Key Stage Two students with English as a Foreign Language (EAL) at Christ Church Primary School in Birmingham use mathematics in real life situations to further their knowledge of numeracy. This Teachers TV video shows how the framework for mathematics has been used to improve progress. Making subjects relevant to students' lives is now an integral part of learning. With 90% EAL, teachers at Christ Church School use mathematics as an opportunity to improve students’ confidence when speaking English in public. Speaking and listening are seen as a vital part of the new framework when learning mathematical vocabulary.

Primary Strategy Consultant Muriel Caddy explains that the focus of the new framework for mathematics has changed to give a higher profile to using and applying mathematics. The students apply their knowledge of perimeter and area to solve a problem based on their school allotment. Their challenge is to calculate the area of the allotment that will be used for planting and the area that will be wasted on walkways. This task is particularly relevant to the students as each class has a section of the allotment and their produce will be sold to parents.

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