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GAIM Activities: Practical Problems

GAIM Activities are open-ended tasks where achievements in using and applying mathematics can be assessed alongside content. In the practical problems students apply mathematics to real-life situations.

GAIM provides teachers with 80 Activities (40 Investigations and 40 Practical Problems) as a resource for...

Playground Design

This activity from Cre8ate maths involves students in designing a playground. They will have to decide upon a suitable outdoor space and consider key features relevant to their design. Scaled templates can be used to trial several layouts giving consideration to safety needs, sight lines for supervisors, buffer...

Key Stage Three Resource Tasks

Nuffield Design and Technology has developed a specific type of learning activity called a resource task. These short, practical activities are designed to teach capabilities in an engaging way.

*Strategy resource tasks:
A suite of tasks that develop skills in using approaches to designing that are...

Wider Implications of Shopping

Produced by the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAE) this activity aims to encourage students to consider the wider environmental, social and economic implications of shopping. It can be conducted in small groups as an introduction to sustainability.

More Ideas for Coursework Activities

This book followed the introduction of the Century Maths Scheme. It was published to give teachers and students the opportunity to choose an interesting context in which to use mathematics for GCSE coursework.

Students may have had a special interest in, say, photography, boats or farming, in which case...

Public Health

Produced as part of the Debating Matters series, this activity looks at the Government's role in public health and what actions should be taken to prevent unhealthy life choices.

Governments have sought to improve public health by advertising, campaigns and targeted programmes. However, some have started to...

Inside STEM Careers: cloning endangered plants

Produced by Science & Plants for Schools (SAPS), these materials look at the work of conservation biotechnologist, Jonathan Kendon. Through investigating the effects of human activity on the environment, students gain a greater understanding of the career opportunities available in ecology and plant biology....

Less is more!

This resource gets students to look at how a product could be redesigned to require less packaging. Companies are being encouraged to develop ‘environmentally-smart’ retail packaging design. In this activity, students are challenged to redesign a familiar product so that it has less (and more sustainable) packaging...

Fair trade textiles

From Practical Action, these materials help students to look at Fair Trade and sustainable development. It poses the question: Is there any way in which the London Olympics in 2012 and future Olympics can contribute to making the world a fairer, more sustainable place?

Reusing textiles: waste to wear

In this activity, from Practical Action, students are challenged to design and make a good quality textiles product from some throwaway textiles collected from home or bought from a charity shop. Further resources are available from the Practical Action’s Sustainable Design and Technology database.


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