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Solving Real Problems with Mathematics Volume 2

Volume two of two publications produced by the Spode Group with the aim of providing a useful set of examples that are convincing applications of mathematics and applications which can be taught in schools.

This volume contains case studies with three distinct components: problem statement, teaching notes and possible solutions.

Volume 2 case studies:
Calling All Noahs! - use of log graphs to decide when to build an ark
Are Football Transfer Fees Justified? - using scatter diagrams to investigate a possible link between transfer fees paid and increased attendance
Hill Walking - solving simultaneous equations to find actual distances walked
Where to Place a Telephone Box - using averages and centre of gravity to choose site of a new telephone box
Storage Racks - making assumptions, using length and volume to design a storage rack for wine bottles
Down on the Farm - using linear programming to plan crop planting
Nursing Timetable - use of Gannt charts
An Uplifting Problem - using inequalities and probability to investigate the journey of a lift
Where to Cut - a packing problem, cutting cardboard tubes into specific lengths in a manner which minimises waste
Harvard Step Test - using formulae and graphs to assess fitness
Rugby Goal-Kicking - using circle theorems and trigonometry to find the best place from where to take a kick
The Cover-Up - using trigonometry to find the minimum amount of film needed to cover a mirror
Fence it off! - using differentiation to find maximum and minimum values
Votes for Seats? - investigation using log graphs
Proportional Representation - analysing voting figures using d'Hondt Rule
Bode's Law - exploring the relationship between two variables
Kepler's Third Law, - modelling the time taken for planets to orbit the sun
Easing the Traffic Jam - modelling traffic flow through a tunnel
The Lost Dipstick - how to make dipsticks for different shaped oil tanks
Car Park Layout - using advanced mathematics to investigate parking layouts
X-rays - using advances mathematics to make decisions when using an X -ray machine

Solving Real Problems with Mathematics Volume 1 can be accessed from here.

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