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Spaceport UK

The UK is planning to develop several spaceports to launch rockets carrying satellites into space. This resource contains eight activities, which look at the development of a UK Spaceport and the launch of satellites into Earth orbit. They link to aspects of geography, science and engineering. Each activity includes a lesson plan, teachers’ notes, resource list, activity sheets and suggestions for additional activities. In addition, most activities have a PowerPoint presentation to use in the lesson. They are designed to be used as either individual activities or as as part of an extended project.

The activities are:

  • Where to build a UK Spaceport -  consider the key criteria for a rocket launching site
  • Satellites -  learn about satellites before designing and building a model satellite
  • Rocket fuel flow - investigate the flow of water out of a container to model the flow of fuel in a rocket motor
  • Water rocket lift-off -  investigate forces and gravity by launching a water powered model rocket
  • Tracking lift-off - investigate the trajectory of a ball in flight to model the flight of a rocket
  • Earth observation - look at Earth observation from satellites
  • Design a UK spaceport - make a plan for a new UK spaceport
  • Launch day - run an event to celebrate the UK launch of a satellite.

This resource has been provided by UK Space Agency.


Water rocket launch video

Trajectory video

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