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Where STEM Can Take You

Produced by Rolls-Royce, this entertaining video clip takes the form of an animated rap which describes a range of career opportunities open to students with skills in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM). It makes a good introduction to a session offering careers advice and guidance by...

Passive Solar Design: Zero-energy Housing

This resource challenges students to design and build a one‐bedroom model house within the design constraints, utilising passive solar heating techniques to warm up the house as much as possible and sustain that temperature for as long as possible. After the design and build process, students test their house and...

Tesco Engineering Energy-Efficient Stores

Mark Hawker, IMechE Fellow and Head of Engineering Design for Tesco Property Services, discusses the construction and operation of their energy-efficient sustainable concept store. The film looks at the different aspects of engineering involved in transforming a plot of land into a store whilst reducing its carbon...

Cancer and biomedical engineering

This activity asks students to consider the biology of cancer, and to use the information they research to produce a document summarising their main points. Dr Eleanor Stride is developing a treatment for cancer that encloses cancer treating drugs in bubbles that can be directed by magnetic fields to the cancer...

The Complete Illusioneering Magic Book

This book provides a range of easy-to-do magic tricks based on Chemistry, Physics, Engineering and Mathematics.

The video features Richard Garriott on Science and Magic and shows how the properties of ferofluid can exploited to create a magic trick.


This will revolutionize education

This video explores how technology has always been expected to replace teachers.  It concludes that a teacher’s purpose is not to transmit information, but to guide the social process of learning. To challenge, inspire and excite their students to want to learn.

Speedy Boats

The focus of this activity is on the principle of hydrodynamics through testing boat hull designs in a test tank.

This activity gives students the opportunity to explore and develop their critical thinking and decision making skills through a practical approach. The experiment ensures a ‘fair’ set of...

Underwater technology - echo ranger

This video by Boeing explains the challenges involved in creating an echo ranger that will work on the Boeing underwater systems. It explains the impact that this technology will have on exploration of the seas and the people that study them.

Improving wing design of aircraft: 737 Winglet

This video explains the development and impact of improved wing design by Boeing. Using the Boeing 737 as a case study, the video explains how the winglet improves aircraft efficiency and draws on the impact that design and engineering can have on travel and the environment.

Developing biofuels for the aircraft industry

This video by Boeing supports students to understand about biofuels, explaining what they are, why they are needed as a renewable fuel and the impact that developing them will have on the environment.


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