Case Study: Plumbing

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Produced for Future Morph, this resource contains a video in which an apprentice plumber talks about his work in a renewable energy company installing solar water panels. The theory and practicals he learns in college is applied in the workplace.

A second activity looks at a demonstration that illustrates the greenhouse effect. The first uses a transparent bottle containing air to model the earth. A second container has carbon dioxide and this is used to model the effect of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The greenhouse effect is demonstrated by comparing the temperature increases in both vessels on exposure to light from a powerful lamp.


Lesson plans:
Nuffield Foundation
Practical Physics activities, David Sang, courtesy of Institute of Physics
Practical Biology activities, Carol Levick, courtesy of Society of Biology
Practical Chemistry activities, Emma Palmer, courtesy of Royal Society of Chemistry
Supporting information:
CoHesion Career Development Consultancy, Brian Cairns and Ruth Wright

Anna Grayson, production and direction
Phil Stopford and Twofour Digital Ltd, post production
City College Plymouth
Sungift Solar

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