Case Study: Service Engineering

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Produced for Future Morph, this video sees an apprentice in service engineering talk about his work. Service engineers are mechanical engineers who work on equipment such as engines and gearboxes. The student describes how his attendance at college fits with his job in an engineering business and allows him to learn whilst still earning a regular wage.

Part of the video looks at how safety is an important issue when lifting and handling large pieces of machinery. This includes the use of a hydraulic hoist and links well with the classroom activity.

The classroom activity allows students to investigate how machines can be used to move a large force using a small one, whilst stressing they do not multiply energy. A demonstration provides an excellent introduction to the principle of conservation of energy.


Lesson plans:
Nuffield Foundation
Practical Physics activities, David Sang, courtesy of Institute of Physics
Practical Biology activities, Carol Levick, courtesy of Society of Biology
Practical Chemistry activities, Emma Palmer, courtesy of Royal Society of Chemistry
Supporting information:
CoHesion Career Development Consultancy, Brian Cairns and Ruth Wright

Anna Grayson, production and direction
Phil Stopford and Twofour Digital Ltd, post production
Bicton College

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