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Gold award: compare different suns creams

In this project, students measure the UV radiation to find out when the sun’s UV rays are the strongest. They will then compare a variety of different sun creams and sun blocks by measuring how much UV radiation they stop.

Gold award: investigate the froth on fizzy drinks

Students will investigate if the decay pattern always the same and work out if it is ‘exponential’. They will also design and test a way of maximising the froth on fizzy drinks.

They then carry out some research into the various mechanisms used by manufacturers to give their beers extra head, for example,...

Gold award: investigate the properties of materials used for saucepans

Students investigate the properties of materials used for cooking utensils in order to collect quantitative data.  For example, if testing for thermal conductivity they should gain a value for the rate at which heat flows through a cross-sectional area of material.  Students should also find out if there are any...

Gold award: investigating vitamin supplements

In this project, students look at factors which affect the absorption of vitamins and minerals:

  • They could use Visking tubing to model a cell membrane. The relative times taken for the vitamins and minerals to pass through this will be similar to the those it takes for the vitamins and minerals to get...

Gold award: the perfect colour lipstick

In this project, student investigate the ingredients of lipsticks, and work out why lipsticks are certain colours, and work out how to change the consistency of lipstick and how to control its ‘spreadability’. Then they could:

  • Carry out some research into how lipsticks are coloured, pigments, colour...

Gold award: what fabric should you use to make a duvet?

In this project, students investigate the thermal properties of different fabrics used in cold weather clothing or other thermal insulation applications such as sleeping bags or duvets. They will also find out about TOG values and measure the TOG values of different fabrics.

Core award: measuring the properties of climbing ropes

In this project, students compare the properties of different kinds of climbing and safety rope.  They design tests to measure properties such as breaking strength and Young’s Modulus, and conduct some research into the uses of ropes by both recreational climbers and in industrial safety, the properties that are...

Gold award: what effects do treatments have on hair?

In this project students investigate hair to gain both qualitative and quantitative data, look at the appearance of hair and measuring its strength before and after different treatments. Students will need to link up with mentors from industry or local further/higher education colleges for a couple of reasons to...

Gold award: are fruit juices healthier than fizzy drinks?

Students test and compare a range of fizzy drinks and fruit juices to detrmine:

  • perception of sweetness.
  • reducing sugars concentration using colorimetry
  • the amino acids present by chromatography
  • effect on tooth decay
  • antimicrobial effects of caffeine

Gold award: how quick are your reactions?

In this project, students design, make and test a device to test people’s reaction times.   They will need to consider the electronic circuitry involved, the power supply, input device, processor and output device. They draw a circuit diagram and make the circuitry, and could try making a printed circuit board (PCB...


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