Aimed at students aged 14-19, Catalyst magazine is packed with interesting articles on cutting-edge science, interviews and new research written by leading academics. It also includes a booklet of teacher's notes, full of ideas and lesson plans to bring the articles to life in the classroom.

Catalyst is distributed three times a year, at the beginning of each UK school term.


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Inspiring the next generation

Catalyst aims to inspire young people through cutting-edge science research, and interviews with professionals working in science.

“We use these articles for our science in the news notice boards. Our students love them.”

We also work with teachers to bring science alive in the classroom through our dedicated teacher’s notes, created to complement each edition, and links to free resources on our website


Interested in writing an article?

We’re always looking for articles to include in future editions. If you have an idea for an article, or are working on research that you think would be valuable to write up in the magazine, get in touch.