A Level Performance Descriptors Science Subjects 2003

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Produced in 2003, these performance descriptors for chemistry science subjects at AS and A2 levels were written to indicate the level of attainment characteristic of grades A/B and E/U boundary candidates across a series of assessment objectives. It was intended that they should be interpreted in relation to the content outlined in the specification; they are not designed to define that content. They gave a general indication of the learning outcomes and levels of attainment likely to be shown by a representative candidate performing at each boundary.

The requirement for all AS and A level specifications to assess candidates’ quality of written communication would be met through one or more of the assessment objectives.

The performance descriptions were produced by the regulatory authorities (QCA, Welsh Assembly Government and CEA (Northern Ireland)) in collaboration with the awarding bodies.

• Biology AS/A2 performance descriptors 2003
• Chemistry AS/A2 performance descriptors 2003
• Physics AS/A2 performance descriptors 2003
• Environmental Studies AS/A2 performance descriptors 2003
• Science AS/A2 performance descriptors 2003
• Electronics AS/A2 performance descriptors 2003
• Geology AS/A2 performance descriptors 2003
• Psychology AS/A2 performance descriptors 2003

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