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Problem solving challenge: Buildings and fire safety

In this 5 hour STEM Clubs teaching pack students examine ways in which communities can put measures into place to make sure people and properties are safe, and look at how the IoT can bring additional benefits to this safety.

It is recommended that, prior to this activity, students have been introduced to...

Buildings and fire safety

In this one hour activity, students evaluate the types of fire risks in different buildings.  In the context of a team which has been contracted by the local council to improve fire safety, each team picks a building type and produces advice for the council.

Problem solving challenge: Can the internet improve fire safety

In this  extended five hour communities and fire safety challenge, students work in small groups, to design, make, test and evaluate an electronic system to provide early warning in the event of a fire breaking out. They will explore a range of methods of fire detection and understand the advantages of...

Introduction to sensing fire with the Internet of Things

This one hour activity demonstrates how bimetallic strips work in smoke alarms.   Using the context of the Internet of Things and fire safety, students design, make, test and refine a sensor to detect heat and produce an electrical output that could be used to switch on a fire alarm.  This resource provides a...

Problem solving challenge: Fire detection with the Internet of Things

In this 5 hour Mathematics teaching pack, students are asked to consider how the internet of things can connect the previously unconnected, and how this can be used in fire detection systems.

Students are asked to work towards a CREST Discovery Award by designing a connected fire detection system in teams...

Introduction to fire detection with the Internet of Things

Within this one hour resource, students play the role of fire safety employees whose task is to find the most efficient placement for detectors. Students are given constraints within which they should work and a series of problems to solve leading to an algebraic solution to the problem.

The activity is...

Problem solving challenge: using design and the Internet of Things to improve fire fighter safety

This five hour teaching pack supports students to research, design and prototype their own Internet of things product to enhance the working lives of firefighters.

Students are asked to work towards a CREST Discovery Award by exploring the needs of a modern firefighter, researching their...

Fighting fires with the internet of things: Design and technology one hour activity

This one-hour lesson introduces the Internet of Things to students, through the context of fire fighting.

Students explore the user needs of a modern firefighter and how different Internet of Things technologies could improve their equipment and safety. Students investigate different products...

Problem solving challenge: using computational thinking and the Internet of Things to improve fire safety

This five hour teaching pack examines how everyday technologies can be connected via the Internet Of Things (IoT) to improve fire safety. 

From the sensors that detect heat and gases; through the connected computers that read and shape data shared through the cloud; to the networked...

Introduction to computational thinking and the Internet of Things

This one-hour lesson examines the design of IoT algorithms, considering how individual devices execute algorithms as code, allowing them to work together. The key aims are to develop computational thinking while raising awareness of the potential for future careers and enterprise.

The lesson starts with the...


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