Addressing Misbehaviour As It Arises

This collection of resources provides a range of strategies for effective behaviour management, with tips and guidance and practical ideas to try out.


Behaviour for Learning in Science

This training resource from the National Strategies considers the causes of poor behaviour for learning as well as staff behaviour and its impact on learning. The aim is for teachers to: • Develop an understanding of how both student and teacher emotions can impact on learning. • Develop some strategies to avoid...

Identifying Bullying in Schools - Case Study

This managing bullying in schools document from the Department of Education looks at how Saint Benedict Academy identifies bullying through anonymous email reports. The resource explores the school's 'Hero' email system to identify bullying and other strategies that raise awareness of bullying, as part of the...

Pedagogy and Practice: Teaching and Learning in Secondary Schools Unit 20 - Classroom Management

This study unit offers some practical strategies that teachers use to manage their classrooms, drawing on both academic research and the experience of practising teachers.

The guide enables teachers to build their...

Key Teacher Attitudes

A presentation highlighting seven strategies for behaviour management.


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