Part of the Educational research in STEM subjects collection, this is a collection of academic research looking at pedagogy in STEM subjects. 



The importance of context in developing design and technological capability

This paper from the May 2016 Using STEM Research Conference investigates the ways in which real world contexts can be used in D&T lessons, from local projects such as community gardening to global concerns such as climate change.

Author: Kay Stables

The enactment of lesson study by science teachers in English schools

Published in May 2016, this empirical study explores the enactment of Japanese Lesson Study by science teachers in four secondary schools in England. The aim of the study is to develop a deeper understanding of Lesson Study (LS) as a model of teacher professional development (PD). Lesson Study (jugyou kenkyuu)...

School students as research scientists – experience form space science, particle physics, biomedical science and material science – impacts on students and teachers

Published in May 2016.  Young people can do amazing things – discover Mayan Temples, create a test for Alzheimer’s, put a new detector in space.  Why then do we teach them science in a very similar way to how we did forty years ago?

Published by the Institute for Research in Schools.

Joined up STEM – does it benefit the students? How teacher researchers might find out

Published in May 2016, this paper by David Barlex identifies the following key points:

1. The differences between STEM subjects are legitimate and need to be respected

2. By teaching in the light of STEM …  Learning in the STEM subjects can enhance one another. This requires planning but...


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