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NE710 Planning for learning supporting resources

Supporting resources for the online CPD course for teachers: Planning for learning.

A list of resources providing information to help run STEM enrichment activities.

STEM for Greenpower Racing

This resource shows how the topics students study at A Level are used to understand and improve the performance of their Greenpower car, and is the key learning outcome.

NE711 Introducing assessment for learning supporting resources

The following resources support the online CPD course Introducing assessment for learning. This course is available via FutureLearn.



An occasional paper by

Dr William Lockitt

Intended audience:

The paper is aimed at raising awareness to the importance of play in education and highlight some of the current research available. It is...

Module, symmetry, proportion

Discusses the concept of modularity as a general principle of order in the universe and as applied to architecture, the plastic arts, and music.

Waddingtons illustrated encyclopaedia of games


This complete compendium of board games, dice games, party games, target games and many, many more has got something for everyone.

Lateral thinking: a textbook of creativity

 a textbook of creativity


THE classic work about improving creativity from world-renowned writer and philosopher Edward de Bono.

In schools we are taught...

Dimensional mazes

Image result for Dimensional mazes

Image result for Dimensional mazes


A unique book that features five three-dimensional pop-up mazes...

In a right state: the reflections of an education inspector

 the reflections of an education inspector


Kenneth Hastings describes the joys and pitf alls of being one of Her Majesty''s Education Inspectors, esp ecially the ambivalence generated by having to...