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Flesh Eaters

In Flesh Eaters, provided by the Association for Science Education (ASE), students are challenged to unravel a bizarre crime using their scientific skills.

Flesh Eaters is a 'learning adventure'. It combines computer-based activities with video, experiments, and some surprises.

The resource is split...

SimEnergy 1

In this SimPhysics game, the challenge for players is to help a family stay warm through the worst winter on record. SimEnergy 1 simulates the factors involved in insulating a building and makes it more fun to learn the physics by taking an enquiry approach. Each round poses a different challenge for students to...

SimEnergy 2

Like ‘The Sims’, in this SimPhysics game students look after a family and keep their home supplied with electricity.

In the game scenario the government has set a carbon dioxide quota for each household, so limiting their contribution to climate change.

The player has to invest in renewable sources of...

Hormones and Their Effects

This resource from the ABPI introduces students to the major endocrine glands, and hormone function in puberty, the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and growth. Specific examples include insulin, adrenaline, ADH, and plant hormones.

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Skin Structure and Function

This ABPI resource introduces skin structure and function, including temperature control and the role of the hypothalamus. Students can learn about common skin infections, such as athlete's foot, and skin cancer.

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Complex Numbers and Completed Square Form

MEI provides this interactive activity for complex numbers.

It shows how completing the square allows students to determine how the graph of y=x2 should be translated to give the graph of the required quadratic equation and how the complex roots of a quadratic equation can be related to the graph...


From the ABPI this interactive resource provides students with information on the cause, symptoms and treatment of diabetes. The resource is offered at two levels, for students aged 14-16 and an advanced version for post-16 students.

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This Subtangent activity uses information from the Hubble space telescope to emphasise the need for accurate measurements and the costs involved when things go wrong.

There are demonstrations of measuring lengths and angles before asking the students to try for themselves.

An interactive ruler and...

Rotational Symmetry

A simple animation from Subtangent presents examples of rotational symmetry in nature and demonstrates how to establish, using a centre of rotation, the order of rotational symmetry.

Students are given five shapes and invited to investigate their symmetry.

Straight Line Graphs

Straight line graphs from Subtangent demonstrates how to find points from an equation, plot those points and join them to make a linear graph.


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