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This resource contains four excel programs with interactive spreadsheets dealing with topics relating to quadratic expressions, their graphs and solving quadratic equations.

Quadratics: Rearranging and Graphing
The first sheet shows a set of quadratic functions and the student is asked for the general shape of each one. The second sheet requires the student to expand brackets and arrange the expressions into the form ax2+bx+c. The next sheet gives a set of quadratic functions and the student needs to state the x and y intercepts. The workbook contains a further four printable worksheets providing further questions for use in the classroom.

Quadratics: Solving
This interactive workbook begins with examples of solving quadratic equations using the formula. Roots are given in surd form or shown on a graph in decimal form. The discriminant and the nature of the roots is also dealt with. Sets of questions require the student to decide if the roots are real and if so rational or irrational. Two further sheets give quadratic equations which can be solved by factorising. There are also eight printable worksheets of questions.

Quadratics: Tables of Values
This interactive workbook deals with how graphs can be plotted. Suitable tables of values for quadratic functions can be revealed and the graphs are shown. Various forms of the function can be selected including -x2+bx and 2x2+bx+c. There are three further worksheets of questions suitable for use in the classroom.

Quadratics: Turning point(XP)
This interactive workbook deals with completing the square when the coefficient of x2 is 1. It begins with a series of (x+a}2 expressions to expand which can be swapped to become perfect squares to be factorised. Subsequent sheets show each step in the process of completing the square alongside graphs showing the turning points. There are three printable sheets of questions for use in the classroom.

This program was designed to be viewed on a screen with a resolution of 1024 x 768. Users may have to adjust the resolution of their screen for the pages to display as was originally intended. The program uses macros which need to be enabled on a machine.

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