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STEM employability skills


This STEM Learning resource collection aims to support STEM Ambassadors to highlight the top 10 employability skills to young people, with examples of activities and discussions to support young people to develop these skills in either school, college or other settings.  The overview of the...

Maths Careers

These resources come from the Maths Careers website, which is managed and maintained by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications.

The eleven activities in this collection are designed to encourage learner to delve deeper into a wide range of mathematical topics including air miles, paper folding and...

Sunlight to energy

In this activity students make a Gratzel solar cell and generate electricity.

Resources required:

Requires purchase of a solar cell kit.

STEM Clubs: step by step guide

This handy guide has been produced with a view to helping others deal with the practicalities of starting up a STEM Club. The guide includes advice on the following:

  • Decide on why you want to set up a STEM club
  • Approach people who might be interested in getting involved
  • Timing
  • ...

STEM Clubs: setting up a club

This series of five videos describes what one needs to consider when setting up a STEM club, and the range of different ways in which one can approach it.

Benefits of setting up a club

Practical considerations

What to do and how to do it...

STEM Clubs: reaping rewards

The four videos below focus on the impact of STEM clubs on achievement, opportunities for staff CPD, and the awards and competitions open to clubs.

Awards and competitions

Academic achievement

Life skills

Professional development...

STEM Clubs: identity and impact

The videos below describe how to create your own club identity, extend the impact of a club, and how to establish successful relationships with other schools and a local community.

Working with your local community

Working with other schools


STEM Clubs are individual to each school and there is no fixed formula for running one. There is, however, plenty of support available for those wanting to start one, and for existing club leaders who want to develop their club further.

This collection includes a step by step guide which...

Solar cell in a drinking straw

In this activitiy students make a photoelectrochemical cell in a straw using drinking draws and raspberries.  A 45-60 minute activity. 

Resources required:

Drinking straws, solder wire, voltmeter and generally-available chemicals and equipment.


This resource was...

Smartphone spectrometer

In this activity students construct a spectroscope using card, DVD and smartphone camera.


Resources required:

DVD, smartphone, card, glue.


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