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EON Energy and Environment Resources

From the Centre for Science Education, the RA3 project aims to bring parents together with their children and teachers to explore the worlds of science.

These materials, produced by EON, consist of a range of activities that look at the use of energy and the need for sustainable energy. They include...

Equal Opportunities and Diversity 14-19: Strategies and Case Studies

Produced for the Department for Education, this document outlines support materials for students aged 16-19 on issues relating to ethnicity, gender, disaffection, learners with special educational needs and gifted young people.

These materials provide examples of effective practice in equality and diversity within STEM subjects and careers. 

The non-statutory guidance containing information on what schools need to do to meet their requirements under the equality duties can be found...

Equality and Diversity

These two videos from Teachers TV look at how colleges and schools can turn diversity and equality policies into practice. Three colleges share the strategies they have successfully adopted. From supporting students with dyslexia to providing integrated learning for...

Equality Impact Assessments Workbook

This workbook was created by the former Department for Children, Schools and Families' Equality and Diversity Unit to help colleagues conduct equality impact assessments with the minimum of technical difficulty and with the policy rigour that is required.

Exit Planet Earth

Produced by the Centre for Science Education, this Science Assessment Task for More Able Students, comprises of two investigations with a space-related theme. Students investigate what needs to be considered if humans are to colonise our solar system.

They look at:

* forces and the force of gravity...

Explore the Possibilities

This publication from the Department for Education lists ten tips on how to help young students make informed decisions about STEM courses and careers. A list of useful websites including information on STEM initiatives and careers is also provided.

F1 Challenge

F1 Challenge, from the Centre for Science Education, is a set of teaching materials which offer a cross-curricular approach to learning about engineering. Students build and modify a model F1 car based on ideas used for the F1 in Schools competitions. These ideas can be...


In this Science upd8 activity students use chemical techniques and reactions to investigate a crime scene. Students learn about the particle model to solve a crime that has been committed in an art gallery. They compare ways to show fingerprints including using the sublimation of iodine.


This Cre8ate maths activity allows the opportunity to discuss the modelling function of mathematics. The tasks allow students to develop their own strategies and to consider the idea of an ‘efficient’ algorithm. In addition, 'First fit and full bins' activity involves work on ratio and pie charts.


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