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These cre8ate maths materials have been designed to support the teaching of mathematics at Key Stage Three, but can be used at Key Stage Two and Key Stage Four, in the context of social sciences. The resources include Is it fair, Islamic Design, Running a Club and Vedic Maths One and Two.

Working with Photos

This activity from Cre8ate maths develops understanding of enlargement.

Students work in groups and, intuitively, sort sets of photos to identify those which have been enlarged from an original image. They then...

World Records

This Cre8ate maths topic gives opportunities to explore real data. Women's marathon involves constructing a statistical chart whilst ratio and percentage are used in Record differences. Logical thinking is needed in World record match.

Yorkshire Pupil Survey

This Cre8ate maths set of survey activities cover estimation and measurement, and engagement is encouraged by introducing a competitive element,. E.g.: Are girls better at estimating than boys? Can boys jump higher than girls? There is scope to perform a variety of investigations on ratios, averages, ranges,...


From the Centre for Science Education, and with support from Shell Education services, these materials help children to investigate vision and light.

The zoetrope, or wheel of life, is a modern variation to a simple Victorian toy. When the separate images are viewed in the quickly-turning zoetrope, it...


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