Exit Planet Earth

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Produced by the Centre for Science Education, this Science Assessment Task for More Able Students, comprises of two investigations with a space-related theme. Students investigate what needs to be considered if humans are to colonise our solar system.

They look at:

* forces and the force of gravity

* the environmental conditions necessary to support human life

* which planets or moons in our solar system may be suitable candidates for colonisation

* how data can be collected by remote landers.

The tasks are flexible in use. They are freestanding in that they can be used either in class or as part of an extracurricular science club, during lunchtime or after school sessions. They can be used by whole classes and are designed to be accessible more able 11-14 year old students.

The investigations are also suitable for students aged 14-16. Each task is designed to fit into one or two 60 minute lessons. However students may extend the activity beyond this time by completing tasks at home.

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