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Bricks and Tiles

This activity from Cre8ate maths investigates the lines of horizontal and vertical weakness in walls. Initially students are shown four walls and have to identify the lines of weakness in them, before finding the smallest rectangular solution which has no lines of...

Bridges and Structures

These activities from Cre8ate maths sets challenges which require pupils to be constructive, creative and think strategically about simple structures.

Working in groups of 3 or 4, students create structures from a...

Briefing Pack for STEM Careers Ambassadors

This training pack from the Department for Education is designed to help STEM professionals enhance their skills and enable them to become even more active in schools and communities. The emphasis within the training pack on challenging myths and stereotypes will also support STEM Ambassadors in encouraging the...

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Building a Superstore

This Problem Solving with Industry module was devised by the Centre for Science Education in collaboration with Hadfield, Cawkwell, Davidson and Partners. In this module students, working in teams, are asked to come up with plans for a new DIY superstore.


Building a Town

In Building a town, from Cre8ate maths, students are encouraged to consider the mathematical shapes which form the net of a building. Some simple models are shown and students could use these to construct their nets, before building the models themselves.


This range of materials is provided by Cre8ate maths to support the teaching of mathematics in the context of architecture. Resources include Architect’s Skills, Bricks & Tiles, Building a Town, Rigid Structures and Tiling Patterns, giving students the opportunity to experience mathematical principles in...

Building Incubators

Building Incubators, from the Centre for Science Education, is a set of teaching materials which offer a cross-curricular approach to learning about bioengineering and the survival of premature babies. The context is designing a temperature-regulated environment to help...

Building Silos

This rich task from Cre8ate offers pupils the opportunity to develop their personal learning and thinking skills. It involves using recycled materials to construct a scale model of a silo and is well suited to group work. The task can be extended for more able students by investigating the resizing of their model...

Bulb Danger

This Science upd8 activity draws on a recent Government warning about poisonous mercury from low energy light bulbs being a risk to users.

But is this risk worth the benefits of using low energy light bulbs? In this activity students rank risks and benefits to help them decide.


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