CS4FN issue 20

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2015 is the 200th anniversary of Ada Lovelace’s birth. Famous as ‘the first programmer’ her vision of computer science was far wider. To celebrate, issue 20 of CS4FN magazine explores her life, her ideas and where modern research has taken some of those ideas. Women’s research is also still at the forefront of interdisciplinary computer science. This issue of CS4FN will look at what other Victorian Computer Science was around at the time and also see how her work linked to the very modern idea of computational thinking.

The articles include:

  • Geek gurl parties in the 1830's
  • The Silver Lady
  • Dickens knitting in code
  • Ada Lovelace in her own words
  • Letters from the Victorian smog
  • Vulgar coloured pens
  • Tut, tut! Look at your labels dear!
  • Puzzling Victorian doodles
  • Frankenstein's monster
  • Pass the screwdriver please, Igor
  • A storm in a bell jar
  • Following Faraday
  • Brain matter
  • Victorian volunteers needed
  • The social science of maths
  • Clever genes
  • Model a heart
  • Balls, beams and quantum computers
  • Cartoons, comics and computer games
  • Hunting for treasure, following vectors
  • Autopilot Ada!
  • The decline and fall of Ada: who's popular now?
  • Looking to the future
  • Back (page) in the air

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