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Who can save Stemville?

This activity enables teachers to introduce the work of the Environment Agency into their lessons and deliver elements of the national curriculum and is designed to be delivered either by a teacher or an Environment Agency STEM Ambassador (if one is available) together with a teacher. 

The activity introduces the idea that climate change is leading to a greater risk of flooding due to higher levels of rainfall in a short period of time. 

This then leads into the main part of the activity, a budgeting challenge for pupils to devise a plan to save the fictitious town of Stemville from flooding by evaluating different flood management systems. The aim of the activity is to highlight the various ways the Environment Agency solve flooding problems and the issues they must consider when installing flood management systems.  There are two versions of the challenge, a full version which includes information on 11 flood management systems and a shorter version provides 8 flood management systems and less information for evaluation. The full version also offers an opportunity for extension with the inclusion of an option for the evaluation of the carbon footprint of each flood management system.

The activity includes these resources which can be found below:

  • Activity guidance for a teacher 
  • Activity guidance for an Environment Agency STEM Ambassador 
  • Presentation with supporting notes
  • Flood management system information cards (full and short versions)
  • Flood management system evaluation sheets (full and short versions)
  • Flood management system budgeting sheets 
  • Pitch grading sheets
  • Certificates to award to pupil participants and/or challenge winners

To support the activity there is an Environment Agency video  Holding back the flood (3 mins 20 secs) which explains the effect of climate change on flooding and how the Environment Agency are working to mitigate the effects of flooding.

Holding back the flood

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