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Module 4: Power to the People (overview)

The key ideas contained in this resource involve getting pupils thinking about how we get the power we need to support the wide variety of functions we have come to rely upon. Some of these activities focus upon specific technologies and how they work and others look at how an overall power supply system can be designed and managed. Tasks draw upon a range of skills from the STEM curriculum when challenging students to develop ideas and solutions.

  • The E Zero Island activity invites students to design a self -sufficient energy system with consideration of environmental impact, cost effectiveness and security of supply. Linked closely is the Energy Island online interactive resource that allows students to set up, test and evaluate systems to supply an island with electrical power.
  • Another online activity is the Siemens Farm challenge where students select ways to provide energy that reflects recent developments in power production specifically generation on-site, storage and supply/demand issues.
  • Two other energy sources are finally investigated, wind power and tidal power. Construction of a simple wind turbine tests the former and analysis of tide tables justifies use of the latter alongside limitations of both energy sources.

Some of these teaching resources are based around the use of an online digital resource. This is designed to run on a wide range of platforms and is also accessible from any location, so students can use it at home as well as at school.

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