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Ageing Society: level 1

This resource forms part of the ageing society resources from the Grand Challenges resource collection.  The introductory video can be found here.

The ageing society – level 1 resource package consists of activities designed to run for around five hours which are broken up into separate practical activities. Students will explore embark upon designing an app that that could be used to support people with different medical conditions. Students will learn about the devices and sensors required incorporating them into a practical app design.

This resource package is aimed towards 10-12 year olds.  The practical activities consist of:

Exploring the basics of a computer system, including how the input, process & output concept links to the smartphone devices students may use. Smartphones include many different sensors that students may not have explored before, as part of this project students will research and investigate different sensors and why they’re needed by their smartphones.

Students will explore the possibility of using technology to aid people in society with certain medical conditions, based upon these requirements and their knowledge of hardware, students will design a functioning app that could specifically meet the needs of their users. Student will showcase their app designs to the rest of the group in the form of a presentation. 

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