Grand Challenge 2: Ageing Society

The UK population is ageing. This resource collection explores how technology will support people to live longer, independent lives and why the needs of an ageing population will create demand for new technologies.





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Introduction to the Grand Challenge resources


Human centered design - design kit

This website contains a range of human-centered design methods created by IDEO and shared through their online Design kit. The Design kit provides step by step...

Sensor Solutions

This activity, from the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), introduces students to how we see communications developing to help others.

The resource is designed so that students will:


What is inclusive design?

This lesson resource looks at the topic of inclusive design and how design can be used to solve problems and support all people in society to engage successfully in the world around them. This resource sets the scene for inclusive design, helping students to understand how products must fulfill a need for a range...