Planning an Antarctic Expedition

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Within this resource, learners will work in groups of four, use their mathematical skills and scientific knowledge to help plan for an expedition to the Antarctic in 3 sessions.  They will consider the appropriate clothing, food and other essential equipment they will need to take with them.  Learners will also use thermometers/data loggers to investigate layering and use weighing scales to ensure the food they carry isn’t too heavy.  They will then consider the calorie intake needed to survive in extreme conditions and plan their expedition whilst working to a strict budget. 

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Charles Robertson

The "Planning and Antarctic Expedition Activities" (sic: should be "an") document contains a weblink to a PowerPoint presentation. Clicking on this link brings one back to the current page and not to the PowerPoint. Is it possible to have the PowerPoint?

Rachel Smart

Thank you for your comment. The presentation you are looking for is one of the resource attachments listed (number 6). This should be saved on your local drive before opening. The url given in the document does go back to the original resource -this is to signpost any user to the full resource deck. Hope this answers your query, please let me know if you require further support.


Why can't I get the embedded videos on the power point to load?