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Space Case - Borrow the spacecraft materials kit

Investigate properties of materials and decide which would be suitable for use on a spacecraft, in this resource aimed at upper primary children. A PowerPoint presentation, which includes an introduction from a space scientist, sets the real world context for their challenge. Children then investigate eleven materials looking at mass, magnetic attraction, impact tests, electrical and thermal conductivity. They plan tests, record their findings and draw their own conclusions. Finally reporting back on which materials they think are most suitable for the satellite and why.

This activity has been created for use with the ‘Space Case’, a specially designed resource box available from STEM Ambassadors. Many of the activities could still be carried out in school, if a variety of materials could be sourced. If your school would like to borrow a space materials kit please contact your local STEM Ambassador Partner.

This resource has been developed by Nottingham Trent University and the European Space Agency (ESA).


Spacecraft materials kit: the challenge

Spacecraft materials kit: classroom demonstration


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