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Quantum Key Distribution

Produced in 2015, these resources look at the development of encoding messages and how technology and science has developed to allow us to keep messages secure. Looking at unintuitive quantum properties of light, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principal and entanglement, students will see how keys can be shared to ensure our security when online shopping, using cash machines and how research plays a part in this.

This was produced in partnership with Professor Tim Spiller, who is the Director of the EPSRC Quantum Communications Hub and focuses on the science behind QKD and offers prior reading to help build a good understanding of QKD. It also has differentiated worksheets looking at Cipher examples and a Research Activity which culminates with students presenting bids to the research council (in a Dragon’s Den style).

These resources were supported and funded by the National STEM Learning Centre and Network and Research Councils UK (RCUK), and were developed with the expertise of Professor Tim Spiller, Director of EPSRC Quantum Communications Hub.

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