Number Types

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This resource contains three interactive excel files illustrating different features of integer patterns. The different types of number include odd, even, prime, square and rectangular numbers. Triangle numbers and the Fibonacci Sequence are revealed in Pascal's Triangle. Prime numbers, factors and the product of primes are dealt with as well as the relationship between the HCF and LCM of pairs of integers.

Number Types
This interactive excel file shows pictures of the most common sets of integers. The types of number illustrated on separate sheets are odd, even, square, triangular, rectangular and prime. The rectangular number sheet is interesting because some square numbers can be shown as rectangular patterns in blue or squares in red. The final interactive sheet shows a summary of these sets of numbers on a one hundred square. There are also a further eight sheets of questions which may be suitable for classroom use.

Pascal's Triangle
The first sheet shows a blank grid of Pascal's triangle and the values can be revealed. The second and third interactive sheets illustrate that the row sums are powers of two and how the Fibonacci Sequence can be found. The following sheets illustrate sequence of the counting numbers, the triangle numbers and pyramid numbers. There are also a further eight sheets of questions which may be suitable for classroom use.

Prime Numbers (Eratosthenes), Prime Factors
The first interactive sheet shows the integers 1 to 100 and the method of the Sieve of Eratosthenes is used to reveal prime numbers. The next sheet enables students to check the sets of factors of numbers up to 35 leading to identifying prime, square and rectangular numbers.

The final two interactive sheets generate pairs of numbers for the product of the prime factors to be found by dividing those numbers by appropriate prime numbers. The more difficult of these last two sheets also deals with the relationship between the product, HCF and LCM of the pair of numbers.

There are a further five sheets of questions which may be suitable for classroom use.

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