This sub-collection of resources from the Virtual Text Book collection contains eighteen resources designed for use on an interactive whiteboard to aid the teaching and learning of a variety of ‘Number’ topics. Each resource is an interactive excel worksheet to encourage teacher-student interaction. The topics covered are:

• Place value, multiplying and dividing by 10,100 and 1000
• Adding numbers and money
• Using a calculator
• The game: ’Countdown’
• Fractions, decimals an percentages
• Division
• Geometric Series
• Highest Common Factor and Lowest Common Multiple
• Indices
• Multiplication
• Number Types
• Percentages
• Positive and Negative Numbers
• Rounding
• Standard Form
• The Six Card Puzzle



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10, 100, 1000

This interactive excel file deals with place value of number and with multiplication and division by 10, 100 and 1000. The interactive sheets begin with the student being able to reveal the word form for a set of large numbers. Then there are sheets which show sets of integers or decimals which are to be multiplied...

Adding (Numbers and Money)

This interactive excel file deals with column addition of integers, money and decimals. The first interactive sheet shows pairs of numbers to be added and students can click beneath the columns to check each stage of their working. The next sheet shows the addition of...

Bodmas and Bidmas

This excel file has four interactive sheets dealing with the order of operations. The first shows groups of calculations involving addition, subtraction and multiplication where the answers can be revealed. The second interactive sheet is similar, but it deals with...


This excel file has large displays of two Casio calculators which could be useful for class discussion. The first interactive sheet shows sets of calculations which require the use of functions including x2, √ and π. The second interactive sheet shows sets of more...