In 2009, the Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education (ACME), who provide these resources, embarked on the Mathematical Needs Project to investigate how both the national needs and the individual needs of students, from age five to nineteen in England, could be met by a curriculum, delivery policy and implementation framework. The project comprised two reports which looked at the mathematical needs of Higher Education and employment and examined the mathematical needs of learners. The overall aim of the project was to move to a situation where a full understanding of mathematical needs was used to inform all the relevant policy decisions in England.

Mathematics in the workplace and in Higher Education - considers the mathematics required to fulfil the demands that the nation faces and contains workplace case studies which include mathematical modelling, the use of software packages, costing and coping with problems. A series of recommendations are made which cover policy, the national curriculum up to age 16, provision Post-16, assessment, teacher education and Continuing Professional Development (CPD), as well as information, advice and guidance.

The mathematical needs of learners - identifies what learners need in order to be successful and proficient in mathematics and to engage in mathematics lessons. [

Summary - provides an overview of the two reports.

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