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Ratio Makes Sense

This resource from SMILE focuses on ratio. Each activity is accompanied by teachers' notes, which give advice on appropriate ways of using the activity and any additional equipment required.

Pencils - recognising and describing simple ratios in the context of measurement

Walking to school - developing understanding of ratio using the context of distance

Under a magnifying glass - developing understanding of ratio by calculating the actual length of objects which have been enlarged by a scale factor

Cooking numbers - developing understanding of ratio by solving problems in the context of cooking recipes

Introducing ratio - reinforcing understanding of the equivalence of different representations of ratios by matching different representations of ratios

Comparing ratio - reinforcing understanding of the equivalence of various representations of ratio by matching information written in words, in numbers and simplest form.

Ratio problems - developing understanding of ratio by solving a variety of problems in real life contexts

Similar triangles - making the link between similar shapes and the ratios of corresponding sides in triangles 

Car trial results - developing understanding of ratio and proportion by solving problems related to distance, time and average speed

Unibond mixtures - practising in applying knowledge of ratio to solve problems

Record breakers - developing understanding of ratio by solving a variety of problems in real life contexts and deciding on an appropriate level of accuracy and whether estimation is appropriate

Pythagoras dissection - reinforcing understanding of ratio and Pythagoras's Theorem by dissecting of squares

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