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Perfumes and Smelling

Fragrances are full of science, and this activity provided by ASE will enable students to create their own stunning scents from scratch. This resource offers a different way of approaching separating mixtures by linking with other sensory and particle model ideas. Effective use of diagrams, clear explanations and adaptable documents help the teacher to use the most suitable approach with their class. A variety of experimental ideas for making and testing fragrances are included with extension material on applying the particle model to how we smell perfume.

The original materials feature on the ASE Science Year Who am I? collection

However, a number of adapted sheets have been added to this resource. Diagrams are used to help clarify instructions, student record sheets are more structured and a digital photograph sequencing activity is included. This shows digital pictures of each stage in the practical, which if printed on separate pieces of paper, can be used by a student to recap and reinforce the experimental procedure. The approaches used in adapting materials can be applied to numerous other experiments in science.

Perfumes and Smelling is also about improving literacy. The original versions encouraging students to write report articles for a new teen magazine. The adapted versions take a more structured approach to the same material. The smelling circus may be used as a fun way to try out the different perfumes and experience other smells, also providing the opportunity to develop descriptive vocabulary.

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