Drama: Moon Lander

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This resource, from the Association for Science Education (ASE), is a play script for students studying the Solar System. The play can be used as a stimulus for students to write their own scripts exploring other bodies in the Solar System.

Written by teachers at Paddock Wood Primary School, Tonbridge, the play provides an introduction for students aged 9-12 to gravity, space travel and the moon. Teachers are encouraged to put on a production in assembly time, perhaps to launch National Science Week in their school.

They could use the play as part of a Science Fair with a space theme - inviting a local astronomer into school, using the assembly speech provided in this collection, exhibiting students work on the Solar System, holding a water rocket competition (help on rocket production is given in the Liftoff! resource), visiting a science centre, inviting a mobile planetarium into school are just some of ideas of how to make the activity more interesting and engaging.

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