The Moon

These resources cover a variety of activities linked to the theme of the Moon.



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Landing on the moon - Planning and designing a lunar landing

In this set of activities, students will plan, design, and build a landing module to secure the survival of the crew (in the form of an egg-naut) landing on the Moon. They will explore which factors should be considered when landing on the Moon, in comparison to landing on Earth. In the design of the lunar lander,...

Experience the Moon

In this ASE SYCD: Science Year Primary resource, Holidays on the Moon! Universal Tours Limited wants sales executives to develop extra-terrestrial trips for tourists. 

Did Man Really Walk on the Moon?

This Triple Crossed activity from the Centre for Science Education and supported by the Astra Zeneca Teaching Trust starts with a quiz asking students to answer questions about the history of space exploration.

They are then asked to consider the evidence provided and use it to establish an argument for...

Drama: Moon Lander

This resource, from the Association for Science Education (ASE), is a play script for students studying the Solar System. The play can be used as a stimulus for students to write their own scripts exploring other bodies in the Solar System.

Written by teachers at Paddock Wood Primary School, Tonbridge, the...