Astronomical Observation and Measurement including spectroscopy

There are so many great resources on this topic that you might have trouble choosing which to use in your classroom. It's a wonderful topic to teach and teacher's will enjoy the positive response from their students.

Helping students appreciate the size and scale of the universe can be a real challenge. All kinds of large numbers can appear and without clear reference points it can be difficult to make significant comparisons and even harder to appreciate absolute measurements in any meaningful way. The first resource hopes to present some kind of sense of the size of the universe. The famous Powers of Ten video may also be helpful here.

Most of the resources that follow that are aimed at providing background detail and information about various objects in the solar system and beyond. Different specifications will inevitably cover different objects and expect different details but all of these contain good information that will hopefully tap into the natural motivation and interest that many students have in this topic. The Launching a Balloon to the Edge of Space resources is a great story and one that is not beyond the realms of possibility for many schools...

There were so many fantastic films to go with this topic, that we created an additional list and put them altogether. To view them, click here.

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