Activity ideas for British Science Week 2024 - Time (secondary)

These resources can be used to support British Science Week 2024 activities around the theme of 'Time'.

Suitable for secondary level.  



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Can trees time travel?

This immersive escape room activity introduces the BIFoR FACE (Birmingham Institute for forest research free air carbon enrichment) experiment and encourages learners to consider the impact of climate change on forest ecosystems. Learners work as a group to complete a virtual tour of BIFoR FACE before using...

Reaction time

The video and worksheet set out a measurement challenge for students that can be carried out either at home or in school. They use a ruler length drop to record the reaction time for different participants. The results are recorded on a downloadable sheet that allows conversion of drop distance to a reaction time...

Determining Doubling Time

As the number of cells in a microbial culture increases, turbidity increases. In this experiment students calculate doubling time and growth rate constant using absorbance as the measure of growth. Turbidity is caused by suspended cells in the growth medium scattering light, and may be measured using a colorimeter...

Time Zones

This resource, from Twig World, looks at time zones around the planet and how these changes affect people.

The key points made in the film are:

•There are 24 time zones, which are regions on Earth that are bound by longitudinal lines. •Local time depends on what time zone you are in. •The system of...