Activity ideas for British Science Week 2024 - Time (secondary)

These resources can be used to support British Science Week 2024 activities around the theme of 'Time'.

Suitable for secondary level.  



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Measuring the Universe

Produced by the Royal Observatory Greenwich, this booklet introduces the concept of parallax and how it can be used to measure the distance to stars, using the constellation of Orion as an example. Included is an online video that demonstrates parallax in everyday contexts and in astronomy.  It also discusses the...

Changing climate zones

In this activity students are required to interpret information contained in a series of graphs to investigate the claim that “Changes in the land biosphere since 1970 are consistent with global warming: climate zones have shifted poleward in both hemispheres, and the growing season has on average lengthened by up...

Reusing textiles: waste to wear

In this activity, from Practical Action, students are challenged to design and make a good quality textiles product from some throwaway textiles collected from home or bought from a charity shop. Further resources are available from the Practical Action’s Sustainable Design and Technology database.