Activity ideas for British Science Week 2024 - Time (secondary)

These resources can be used to support British Science Week 2024 activities around the theme of 'Time'.

Suitable for secondary level.  



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Autolysis in Yeast

Produced by Science & Plants for Schools (SAPS), this investigation looks at the autolysis, or cell death, of yeast. This is important, as many food production processes require the living yeast to be killed.


Plastic challenge

This resource contains a series of lessons which are designed to extend students’ knowledge and understanding of plastics and plastic waste on a global scale. Linking to materials and their properties, the environment, recycling and design and technology, they contain investigations and activities aimed at both...

Scales of the Universe

Produced by the Royal Observatory Greenwich, this booklet discusses the scale of the Universe. Included is an online video that puts the age and size of the Universe into context. Concepts such as dark matter and dark energy are also briefly introduced. Questions and answers are included that test a student’s...

The History of the Universe

This resource, from the Royal Observatory Greenwich, introduces the age of the current universe and what its final fate may be.

The video answers some questions...