Chemistry Week

This annual celebration of the chemical sciences is coordinated by the Royal Society of Chemistry. In 2023 the theme was 'Chemistry making the world a better place'. This was an opportunity to introduce students to the critical challenges faced by the planet and how the chemical sciences can address these. 

The activities highlighted look at:

  • the impact of plastics on the planet and possible alternatives to plastics made from fossil fuels
  • how materials can be used in a more sustainable way
  • alternative energy stores



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Sustainable Stories And Solutions For Our Planet

This resource contains practical and discussion activities which link to many areas of the science curriculum including materials and their properties, balanced diets, many aspects of working scientifically and sustainability.

Activities include:

Which metal? - investigate the...

Recycling and Sustainability

This booklet is part of the ‘Innovations in Practical Work’ series published by the Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme (SEP). ‘Sustainability’ is about using resources in a way that does not deplete them. An increased emphasis on renewable energy is part of the move to greater sustainability, but so is the idea...

Plastic challenge

This resource contains a series of lessons which are designed to extend students’ knowledge and understanding of plastics and plastic waste on a global scale. Linking to materials and their properties, the environment, recycling and design and technology, they contain investigations and activities aimed at both...

Plastics in the Oceans and Tracking Satellites

A podcast from the Planet Earth Online collection and the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC). Scientists recently found plastics floating in some of the most remote and inaccessible seas in the world, just off the coast of Antarctica. Although it clearly looks ugly in such a pristine environment,...