Chemistry Week

This annual celebration of the chemical sciences is coordinated by the Royal Society of Chemistry. In 2023 the theme was 'Chemistry making the world a better place'. This was an opportunity to introduce students to the critical challenges faced by the planet and how the chemical sciences can address these. 

The activities highlighted look at:

  • the impact of plastics on the planet and possible alternatives to plastics made from fossil fuels
  • how materials can be used in a more sustainable way
  • alternative energy stores



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Aluminium: Cradle to Grave

The resource pack is produced by The Centre for Industry Education Collaboration (CIEC). It looks at the life-cycle and environmental impact of aluminium products.

Student activities and investigations help to illustrate curriculum science in real-life contexts. This includes:
* Constructing a cradle...

Hydrogen as an Energy Carrier

From The Centre for Industry Education Collaboration (CIEC), these activities look at hydrogen, its preparation by electrolysis and its potential as a transportable fuel.

In the activities, students:

  • Study the properties of hydrogen in order to evaluate it and identify the technological problems...

Energy farm

This interactive online game from Siemens introduces students to the opportunities and challenges presented by different energy technologies. Students are required to implement an energy system that meets the demand to run a farm whilst minimising the cost and environmental impact.