In this video collection, a variety of green careers are showcased, explained in detail by the professionals working in the field.



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British Beauty Council Future Talent Programme - sustainability

The British Beauty Council, STEM Learning and Careers and Enterprise have collaborated to develop a series of four videos showcasing a range of careers across the beauty and STEM sector. The films highlight opportunities in cosmetic science, fragrance, sustainability and technology and feature influential voices...

Environmental consultant

Sujith's job as an environmental consultant enables him to make a difference and improve our environment. He consults on how to lessen air quality issues, noise pollution, green house gases and climate change.

Meet the Algae

In this film, scientists at Cambridge University take a closer look at algae and examine its potential as a renewable source of energy. In the near future algae could be used as a sustainable, carbon neutral biofuel. Alison Smith, Professor of plant biochemistry,...

Marine Biologist

Tom Harts is a marine biologist at the Zoological Society of London. This Department for Education clip illustrates the importance of mathematics in biology and provides an insight into a zoological career. Tom describes how he collects data during field trips in Antarctica which he then analyses back in London. He...