In this video collection, a variety of green careers are showcased, explained in detail by the professionals working in the field.



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Climate Scientist *suitable for home teaching*

Elizabeth Kendon is a climate scientist at the Met Office, studying extreme weather patterns and the impact they have on Earth. This Department for Education video clip introduces her work and how she uses mathematical modelling to study climate change. She illustrates how skills in science, mathematics and...

Energy Analyst *suitable for home teaching*

Rebecca Beresford is an energy analyst at EDF Energy. This clip could be useful when teaching about sustainable development, enery efficiency or climate change. It also illustrates a career that requires an understanding of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Rebecca describes her role, "...

This Icy World

Cambridge University glaciologist Professor Julian Dowdeswell has spent three years of his life in the Polar Regions.

As Director of the Scott Polar Research Institute at the University of Cambridge, this film follows him to Greenland and the Antarctic as his...

Safe Drinking Water

This video looks at the availability of clean water around the world and solutions to the problem of water borne diseases. A water and waste engineer talks about her work in water treatment technology. She explains the steps involved in treating water for microbial contamination – filtration and disinfection....