In this video collection, a variety of green careers are showcased, explained in detail by the professionals working in the field.



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This is Engineering: Helping the environment

This video introduces the idea that engineers are working to save lives and save our planet. "Save energy, save materials, save lives. Some of the biggest challenges we face stem from how we interact with our environment, and engineering is at the heart of finding sustainable solutions. From renewable power...

Tesco Engineering Energy-Efficient Stores

Mark Hawker, IMechE Fellow and Head of Engineering Design for Tesco Property Services, discusses the construction and operation of their energy-efficient sustainable concept store. The film looks at the different aspects of engineering involved in transforming a plot of land into a store whilst reducing its...

Energy Manager

Jo Carris is an energy manager, working on the London 2012 Olympic Games. This Department for Education clip could be used when teaching about sustainable development or energy efficiency. It also demonstrates the exciting careers that require skills in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM)....

Born to Engineer - Mathew Holloway

Engineer Matt Holloway and his team have designed and built a robot designed to get into small spaces that can insulate your home. A robot...