World Rainforest Day - 22nd June

This day founded by the Rainforest Partnership highlights the work of this global movement to protect and restore rainforests.

The activities highlighted here cover those suitable for primary which include:

  • looking at the both tropical and temperate rainforest habitats
  • studying and classifying the biodiversity
  • looking at how human behavior is affecting the rainforest and the creatures that live within it.

In addition there are a series of resources from Science and Plants in Schools looking at plant growth and life cycles. The 'Make a game project' from Barefoot Computing asks pupils to design a rainforest themed game using Scratch.

For secondary pupils there are additional resources looking at useful products from the rainforest and the consequences of changes in a rainforest habitat.



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Deagan is an entomologist for the Forestry Commission, and has travelled the world as part of his job.

Curriculum links include classification, climate change, biodiversity, species, taxonomy, ecosystems, rainforests

For more resources and ideas...

Mission: Rainforest

In this activity students adopt the role of a small team of undercover environmentalists, deep in a tropical rainforest, on a mission to investigate and expose the illegal activities being carried out by a multinational logging organisation that is destroying the planet.

Rainforest involves four lessons:...

Rainforest with Symbols

The rainforest interactive resource is provided by ASE and it includes images and information that is presented in text and symbol supported versions. The other resources provide ideas and examples on how you could be using symbols in your teaching to clarify meaning and understanding. The rainforest website can be...

Science in the Environment Pack 2: Living Systems *suitable for home teaching*

This Science in the Environment pack from the University of York Science Education Group uses the context of woodland and tropical rainforest ecosystems to introduce a variety of scientific content and skills.  

Features of pack 2:

  • Contexts: woodland ecosystems, tropical...