World Rainforest Day - 22nd June

This day founded by the Rainforest Partnership highlights the work of this global movement to protect and restore rainforests.

The activities highlighted here cover those suitable for primary which include:

  • looking at the both tropical and temperate rainforest habitats
  • studying and classifying the biodiversity
  • looking at how human behavior is affecting the rainforest and the creatures that live within it.

In addition there are a series of resources from Science and Plants in Schools looking at plant growth and life cycles. The 'Make a game project' from Barefoot Computing asks pupils to design a rainforest themed game using Scratch.

For secondary pupils there are additional resources looking at useful products from the rainforest and the consequences of changes in a rainforest habitat.



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Exploring Rainforests

In this activity, students examine changes to forests in cross-border regions of Africa and Borneo using Google Earth Pro to help identify features shown in satellite images and make measurements. The context allows students to explore the factors which put pressure on forested areas, and what is being done to...

Monsoon Proof Roof

This resource provides a practical context to explore the uses of everyday materials, based on their properties. Children are introduced to a problem of building a flood- proof home, which is faced by families in local communities in Bangladesh, looking at solutions that have been developed to solve this problem....

Living Processes and What Plants Need to Grow

This resource, aimed at primary level, contains many investigations, activities and games related to plants, looking at seeds and germination, how to grow plants and the factors which affect plant growth. Activities include exploring the inside of a seed before it...

Parts of a Plant and Their Functions *suitable for home teaching*

Aimed at primary level, this resource introduces children to the structure and function of the parts of a flowering plant. A range of activities are provided which help to familiarise learners with the basic parts of a plant, including growing plants from seed and...