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Leeches, Earthquakes and Weird Sea-life

A podcast from the Planet Earth Online collection and the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC). In this recording, Richard Hollingham talks to expert seismologist Brian Baptie from the British Geological Survey, who uses musical software to find out if earthquakes are getting more frequent.

Another report comes from Plymouth Marine Laboratory scientists on a boat off the coast of Cornwall in the UK. They are sampling seawater and sediment from the seafloor to try to understand how marine ecosystems change from one month to the next, coming across many weird and wonderful creatures in the process.

Finally there is an action-packed update from Cambridge scientist Tim Cockerill, who is in northern Borneo investigating the effects of palm plantations on the biodiversity of rainforest insects. Sounds like fun? Not until you hear about the leeches.

This podcast is dated 25 May 2010.

NERC is a part of the Research Councils UK (RCUK) partnership of research councils.

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