World Rainforest Day - 22nd June

This day founded by the Rainforest Partnership highlights the work of this global movement to protect and restore rainforests.

The activities highlighted here cover those suitable for primary which include:

  • looking at the both tropical and temperate rainforest habitats
  • studying and classifying the biodiversity
  • looking at how human behavior is affecting the rainforest and the creatures that live within it.

In addition there are a series of resources from Science and Plants in Schools looking at plant growth and life cycles. The 'Make a game project' from Barefoot Computing asks pupils to design a rainforest themed game using Scratch.

For secondary pupils there are additional resources looking at useful products from the rainforest and the consequences of changes in a rainforest habitat.



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Plants in Their Natural Environment

This resource, aimed at primary level, contains many activities related to plants, habitats, food chains and recycling. It looks at the features of different habitats and compares the plants that grow in each. Children learn about the features of plants and how certain...

Reproduction and Life Cycles - Part 2

Aimed at primary level, this resource looks at pollination, fertilisation, fruit formation and seed dispersal. It includes activities in which children observe the different types of fruits and their means of dispersal and develop an understanding of their importance in...

Newly Discovered Species (Age 7 to 11)

Produced by ARKive, this resource teaches key stage two children about classification, variation and how to create and use their own classification keys. A presentation introduces biodiversity through images of a range species and looks at how new species are still being discovered by scientists. Following the...

Beloved Burger

This play looks at how an increase in the demand for meat can affect tropical rainforests far away. It explores some of the consequences for; animals and plants living in these areas, farmers and our planet.  

Great for use in an assembly or in class, when learning about rainforests, healthy eating and...